Conflict of Interest Disclosure

The American Economics Association has guidelines for the disclosure of potential conflicts of interests for economists. These conflicts can arise through financial support; paid and unpaid positions as officers, directors or board members of non-profit and for-profit organizations; and if other interested third parties have financial, ideological, or political stakes in one’s work.


This page is my best-efforts disclosure based on the last eight years of activity (2016-2023). More detail on my past professional affiliations, associations, and activities are listed on my CV.


Note: I am a publicly engaged scholar and have nothing to hide regarding my activities; however, given the breadth of these activities, I may have inadvertently omitted activities that some may feel should be individually disclosed.

*Thanks to  Andrew Leach (UofA), Kevin Milligan (UBC), Lindsay Tedds (UCalgary) and Trevor Tombe (UCalgary) for letting me borrow form and substance from their conflict disclosure statements. 


I am currently the Departmental Science Advisor, Environment and Climate Change Canada, a 60% secondment from my duties at the University of Calgary.

I am or have been employed by the University of Calgary in the following capacities:

The University of Calgary’s Conflict of Interest Policy is found here.

The Government of Canada Values and Ethics Code is found here. The Environment and Climate Change Canada Values and Ethics Code is found here, and its Policy on Scientific Integrity is available here.

Sources of Financial Support

This includes significant financial support — above $10,000 — as well as minor and ad hoc sources.

Academic financial support (not including expense (e.g. travel) reimbursement)

Other Current Compensation

Awarded Research Grants/Contracts (2016-2023 where I am PI; full list available on Awards page)

Minor (Past Five Years)

Relevant Paid or Unpaid Activity

Current Affiliations


Past Affiliations


Other Disclosures

Family conflicts of interest

To the best of my knowledge, no members of my immediate family have personal or financial relationships which would be viewed by a reasonable individual to constitute a conflict of interest with either my research or public commentary.

Asset disclosure

I hold only equity assets via indexed exchange traded funds (ETFs).  My spouse holds ETFs and has minor holdings of individual corporate equities within the Canadian financial and energy sectors. I have no say in the purchase or sale of shares held by my spouse.

Political Activity

I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of a municipal, provincial or federal party. I have made no political donations that I can recall. I have occasional policy conversations with candidates, elected officials and staff from major political parties,  as well as government officials at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels. 

My spouse is not a member of any federal or provincial political party.

Social Media

I blog for the School of Public Policy and other organizations and I receive no income or other compensation for these blog posts. The time which I devote to this and to my social media accounts are personal, unpaid time.