Pedley Pass

Distance: 2 km

Elevation gain: 300 m


  • Tarn: 1 km one way; elevation loss 50 m
  • Overlook: 0.5 km one way; elevation gain 120 m
  • Loop with Pedley Ridge: 10.2 km total; elevation gain 450 m (we had intended to do this, but the weather turned and we had to come back down via the pass)

Note: access is via mine/logging roads, so a high-clearance vehicle required. There is no cell service at the trailhead. There is an outhouse at the parking lot.

Official trail description here; other trail details here.

Getting there: Trailhead parking lot is approx. 18.8 km from Highway 93/95 north junction with Windermere Loop Road. Driving south from Invermere, turn left from Highway 93/95 onto Windermere Loop Road (eastbound). After about 3 km, turn left and then an immediate right onto Westroc Mine Road (note that there is a south junction between the highway and Windermere Loop Rd; Westroc Mine Road is just shy of 4 km from this junction and you'd make three rights instead of left, left and a right). This is an active mine road, so watch for (road-hogging) mine trucks. Follow the mine road, and 6.4 km from the highway (3.2 km from your last turn) you'll come to a fork; take the right (left is to the Pinto trailhead). At 8.2 km from the highway you'll pass a parking lot with a short hike to a swimming hole. You'll start seeking ascending yellow markers along the road. Continue along the road, and at 10.8 km from the highway the mine entrance will be on the right, with '13' yellow marker. Continue on to the left past the mine entrance, where the road becomes narrower and substantially rougher. Just over 2 km later (12.6 km from the highway), there will be a fork; stay left. After almost another 3 km (15.4 km from the highway), there is another fork. Stay left again. A few hundred meters later, you'll see the '18' yellow marker. At 16.9 km from the highway, and 1.5 km from the last fork, there is another fork; stay left. After another 1.2 km (18.1 km from the highway), there is another fork. Here, you'll take a right and then a left. The parking lot and trailhead is about 700 m from the fork. There is an official sign with a map of the trail.

Trailhead for the Pass

Trail map

Bumpy Meadows

Bumpy Meadows and ridge

View down the valley

Trail to the tarn

The tarn

View from the overlook

Trail to Pedley Ridge and summit

Additional views

View down the valley