Panorama Summit

Distance: 4.8 km

Elevation: 930 m

High Point: 2365 m

Panorama hiking map link.

An intense hike following the 'easy way down' route from the top of the Mile 1 Express Quad to the Panorama summit. Make sure you are in good condition before attempting this hike — even with the help of the chairlift to get us midway up the mountain it was challenging (the grade was quite steep in some spots). However, beautiful views at the top with the option to continue to another peak, Goldie Mountain (we didn't have time) and Goldie Lake, a small mountain lake (we did have time).

Route-finding was a little bit of a challenge on the way down — we tried to join up with the Elkhorn Trail as it looked less steep but we are not sure if we actually did. The ski runs/trail we did follow took us quite far away from the chairlifts, but eventually we met up with the Cox Creek trail (quite narrow and steep in spots, I would avoid) and made it back to the Mile 1 lift for our ride back.

View of the mountain across the valley from Panorama, near the mid-mountain start of the Summit Trail

Looking down-trail

Tough trail choices here...

Very steep section of trail under the Champagne Express Chair; the grade was ~40%

View from the top!

Goldie Lake and the ridge of Goldie Mountain behind it

Trail to/from Goldie Lake — it overlaps with the mountain biking paths

Part of the Elkhorn Trail (maybe) through an alpine meadow