In-Progress Academic Research

Work Submitted or Under Revision

"Climate Policy as a Geopolitical Tool: How the European Union’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism Affects its Relationships with Africa and China" (with Katharina Koch and Alaz Munzur), invited chapter in the Palgrave Handbook on China-Europe-Africa relations

No end in sight: End-of-life management of oil wells in Alberta" (with Gregory Galay)

Working Papers

"Making Energy Policy: The Canadian Experience." Invited chapter in Meeting the Paris Mandate: A Cross-national Comparison of Energy Policy-making, Patrice Geoffron, Lorna A. Greening, and Raphael Heffron, Editors. 

"Comprehensive Assessment of Regulatory Programs: Lessons from a Rapid Review" (with Akash Asif)

Ongoing Research Projects (drafts available on request)

"EITE Definitions and Policy Coverage" (with Sarah Dobson)

"Oil and Gas Methane Regulation: Gaps and Opportunities for Improvement" (with Tetiana Semeniutina)

"History of Energy Taxes in Canada"

Measuring Energy Poverty in Canada” (with Felix Fosu and Blake Shaffer)

"Measuring the Contribution of Energy Infrastructure: A Practical Guide" (with Trevor Tombe)

"North American Oil Markets and Opportunities for Canadian Crude" (with Sefik Bagdadioglu, Sarah Dobson, G. Kent Fellows, Sean Keown and Sophie Lorefice)

"Getting to Know Models: A primer and critique on Input-Output and Computable General Equilibrium Models and their uses for policy and project analysis" (with G. Kent Fellows)

"A Multiple-Account Approach to Benefit-Cost Analysis” (with Marvin Shaffer and Blake Shaffer

"Hydraulic Fracturing and Public Policy" (with Sarah Dobson and Sophie Lorefice)

"Meaningful Engagement of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Marine Activities" (with Brendan Boyd and Jessie Arthur)

Semi-Retired Papers

"A Federal Backstop to Provincial Carbon Pricing: Decarbonization in an Age of Uncooperative Federalism" (with Fenner Stewart and Andrew Leach)

"Alberta Oil and Gas Leases: Testing Competing Institutions" (with David Johnson)

"Buying Anonymity: An Investigation of Petroleum and Natural Gas Lease Auctions"

"Estimating the Credibility of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation's Threat to Nationalize Oil Resources in Saskatchewan" (with Herb Emery)

Old Drafts

"Plucking a Goose of Unknown Size: Optimal Rent Extraction with Exhaustible Resources" (with John Boyce)