Technical Reports


"Examining the Interplay between Building Codes and Canadian FPT Policies, Programs, and Targets Related to Reducing GHG Emissions" (with William Scott, Andrew Pape-Salmon, Alaz Munzur and Rahim Mohamed). 2023. Report prepared for the National Research Council of Canada.

"Literature Review of Theories and Concepts related to Environmental Regulation" (with Sarah Dobson, Gregory Galay, Julia Jachimowicz & W. Riley Sample). 2022. Report prepared for the Government of British Columbia, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

"A Review and Assessment of the Natural Gas Royalty System in British Columbia" (with Nancy Olewiler).  2021. Report prepared for the Government of British Columbia.

"An Analysis of Industrial Policy Mechanisms to Support Commercial Deployment of Bitumen Partial Upgrading in Alberta" (with G. Kent Fellows & Alaz Munzur). 2021. Report prepared for Alberta Innovates.

"Defining and Describing Energy Poverty in British Columbia: The Distribution of Households' Energy Expenditure"  (with Blake Shaffer). 2020. Report prepared for the BC Basic Income Panel. December.

"Public-Interest Determination for Infrastructure Development: A Review of Guidance and Practice in Canada" (with Victoria Goodday and Alana Westwood). 2020. March.

"A Review of Barriers to Full-Scale Deployment of Emissions-Reduction Technologies" (with G. Kent Fellows and Victoria Goodday). 2019. Report prepared for Emissions Reduction Alberta.

Comprehensive Assessment of Regulatory Programs” (with Akash Asif). 2018. Report to the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. June.

“Meaningful Engagement of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Marine Activities: Phase 2 Analysis” (with Brendan Boyd and Jessie Arthur). 2018. Report to the PAME Working Group of the Arctic Council. March.

"Indigenous, Industry and Government Perspectives on Consultation in Resource Development" (with Brendan Boyd and Sophie Lorefice). 2017. 

"Hydraulic Fracturing and Public Policy" (with Sarah Dobson and Sophie Lorefice). 2016.