Bow Glacier Falls

Distance: 4.6 km

Elevation gain: 155 m

This a really beautiful hike along the headwater of the Bow River, and fairly easy as well. The trail starts at Bow Lake (also beautiful) and continues along the shore, with stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Along the lake is fairly windy, but once further up the trail the wind died down. The trail follows along the creek (?) off the falls as it passes through a small gorge before popping up into the glacial valley and the first full view of the falls. The rest is a very enjoyable walk to the falls, with a little path-finding.

Official trail description here.

Bow Lake with Bow Glacier in the background.

The creek off the falls, with Bow Glacier in the distance.

Rock bridge and trail to Bow Hut on the Wapta Icefield.

The valley and the falls.

Wapta Icefield.

Bow Glacier Falls.

The view back to Bow Lake from the falls.