Three Trail Pass & North Powderface Ridge

Distance: 1.3 km to pass, and another 2 km or so on North Powderface Ridge

Elevation: 180 m to pass, and additional 150 m on the ridge

High Point: 2027 (pass); 2088 (ridge)

This is a nice easy ascent to access Powderface Ridge, and less busy than the Powderface Ridge trailheads. Access is approximately 6 km from the south end of Powderface Trail (the gate where Highway 66 turns into Powderface Trail). There's a relatively small pullout on the east side of the road. The trail switchbacks up and is nice and shady. In June 2020, it was also muddy, though no snow on the trail. From the pass, you can go left (north) to North Powderface Ridge, straight (east) to Powderface Creek trail, or right (southeast) to ascend the "normal" Powerface Ridge trail. We opted for North Powderface Ridge, which is a very easy walk with mostly unobstructed views of Nahahi Ridge, and Yamnuska to the north. Can also be made into a loop with Trail Creek.

Little stream on our way up to the pass

View looking south from just above the pass

Nahahi Ridge

Walking north along the ridge

Partial view of Powderface Ridge (left) and Nahahi Ridge (right)

Yamnuska in the distance