Postdoctoral Scholars

Tetiana Semeniutina, 2022 - present

Katharina Koch, 2020 - 2023; placement: School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

Gregory Galay, 2021 - 2023; placement: Environment and Climate Change Canada

Evgeniia (Jen) Sidorova, 2021 - 2022; placement: Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada

Brendan Boyd, 2016–2017; placement: MacEwan University

E. Dylan Morgan, 2015; placement: Environment and Climate Change Canada

Master's Students

Dylan Rama, MPP Candidate, 2023-2024

Taylor Robinson, MPP Candidate,  2023-2024

Jennifer Rossi, MPP Candidate,  2023-2024

Lindsay Geier, MPP, Distributional Effects of Changes in BC’s Carbon Tax Revenue-Use, 2021-2022

Julia Jachimowicz, MPP, Reducing Emissions, Not Cows: Regulatory Policies to Mitigate Methane, 2021-2022

Jordan Williams, MSc SEDV, An economic assessment of renewable natural gas (RNG) as a potential low carbon intensity fuel alternative eligible under Canada’s Clean Fuel Regulations, 2021-2022

Kimberly Markvoort, MSc SEDV, Assessment of Indigenous Perspectives embodied in Sustainability Reporting and ESG Disclosure Practices of Canadian Exploration and Production Companies, 2020-2022

Coleman Vollrath, MSc, Methane Emissions from the Global Oil and Gas Industry: A Scoping Review to Characterize the Research Trends, Knowledge Gaps, and Priorities, 2020-2022 (committee member)

Mehdi Salamati, MSc, Optimal Routing of Multi-Modal Wide Energy and Infrastructure Corridors, 2022 (committee member)

Amelia Harman, MPP/JD, Assessing the Performance of Aboriginal Financial Institutions Against Mainstream Banks and Credit Unions, 2020-2021

Keshia Holloman-Dawson, MPP/JD, The Methane Regulation Gap: Regulation of Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells to Assist Methane Emission Reduction Targets in Alberta, 2020-2022

Andreas Murphy, MPP, A Case Study in Government Mismanagement of Delayed Hydroelectric Megaprojects: The Site C Perspective, 2020-2021

Laura Flinkfelt, MPP, Evaluating Toronto’s Waste Diversion and Generation Performance 2006–2019, 2019-2021

Emma Dizon, MPP, The Impact of the Regulatory Environment on the Ease of Doing Business: How Calgary Measures Up, 2019-2020

Marcus Threndyle, MPP/JD, Developing renewable electricity generation with feed-in tariff policy, 2019-2020

Christian Louden, MPP,  Measuring and Mitigating CleanBC’s Impact on Energy Affordability, 2018-2020

Alyssa Anderson, MPP, Alberta in the Age of Renewable Power: Policy Lessons from Germany and Sweden, 2018-2019

Mitchell Boyne, MPP, Oil Change: How the Global Oil and Gas Downturn Transformed Canada’s Energy Industry, 2018-2019

Ryan Green, MPP, Bending the Curve: Reducing Alberta’s Oil & Gas Liabilities via Timelines on Well Abandonments, 2018-2019

April Kargard, MPP, Investigation into the Effects of Resource Development Projects on Rural and Indigenous Communities, 2018-2019

M. Shae Doyle, MPP, Microgeneration and Smart Grids: The Alberta Context, 2017-2019 

Braeden Edwards, MPP,  Pipelines, Public Interest, and Regulatory Change: The Public Interest Implications of Including Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Federal Environmental Assessments, 2017-2018

Neuczki Mathurin, MPP, Drilling into Policy Effectiveness: An Evaluation of Carbon Pricing Policies in Oil and Gas Jurisdictions, 2017-2018

Jade McLean, MPP, Public Perceptions of Pipeline Development in Canada, 2017-2018

Jessie Arthur, MPP, Carbon Capture in Alberta: Costs, Benefits, and Policy, 2016-2017

Kiran Gurm, MPP, The feasibility of reducing Nunavut’s diesel reliance with a transition to renewable energy technologies, primarily solar and wind energy, 2016-2017

Karen Spencer, MPP, Four Easy Ways to Reduce Canada’s GHG Emissions, 2016-2017

Austin Thompson, MPP, Evaluating For-Profit Ridesharing Regulations in Canada, 2016-2017

Zachary Biggs, MPP, How to Protect Lower-Income Albertans from a Carbon Tax, 2015-2016

Brendan Frank, MPP, Keeping the Lights On: Renewable Power in Alberta's Post-Coal Era, 2015-2016

Beth McDonald, MPP, Examining the Role of Electoral Systems in the Policy Influence of Aboriginal Populations: A Comparative Analysis of the Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand Cases, 2015-2016

Laura Johnson, MPP, Regulation of small modular nuclear reactors in Canada, 2015

Other Supervision

Katharina Koch, Research Associate, 2023 - present

PhD Committee Work

Adegboyega During, PhD – University of Calgary, Essays in Energy and Policy Analysis, 2019 (PhD Defence Internal Examiner)

Zainab Dadashi Forshomi, Evaluating Oil Sands Technologies Using Life Cycle Assessment and Mathematical Optimization, 2017 (PhD Candidacy Committee)

Julie Williams, PhD, Environmental Leadership and Regulation: Policy Implications for Provincial Governments in Canada, 2015 (External Examiner, PhD Defence)

Current Courses

Previous Courses

Foundations I: Introduction to Economics (PPOL 601) - Fall 2020 (online; with Lindsay Tedds)

Responsible Development of Hydrocarbon Resources and Policy (PPOL 611.23/699.02) - Spring 2019, 2020, 2021

Studies in Energy and Environmental Policy (PPOL 611.02) - Fall 2018, Fall 2017, Fall 2016, Winter 2015

The Multi-Faces of Israel (PPOL 611.07) - Winter 2018, Winter 2019, 2020 (on-location faculty supervisor for study abroad course)

Decision Analysis (PPOL 609) - Winter 2018, Winter 2017, Winter 2016

Intermediate Macro I (ECON 303) - Spring 2010

Introductory Micro (ECON 201) - Summer 2009

Guest Lectures

The Study of Public Policy (PPOL 600) - Fall 2020, 2021

Dentons' International Energy Law Study Tour (Law 693) - Winter 2017, Winter 2018, Winter 2019, Fall 2019

International Summer School on the Geopolitics of Energy & Natural Resources (PPOL 611.21) - Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2019